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“Preserve Your Family Legacy” video experience

A 3-step process using video and social media to capture and share the life story of an aging loved one.  Creating a family legacy video gives baby boomers and seniors of all ages the opportunity to share valuable information, stories, life lessons and family history.  These heart-warming videos add priceless value to family heirlooms and enrich personal legacies. 

Now is the time.

We are happy to provide a free phone consultation.  The purpose of the consultation is to discuss: who, when, where, why and the investment.   Please click on the scheduling link at the bottom of the page to book a consultation.

Step 1:  Capture    

  • I will conduct a pre-interview session to meet your loved one face to face or online via Zoom prior to scheduling the video shoot. This first meeting allows us to get to know each other while I explain the process and determine the best location or room for the interview.  I will also get insight into the stories, items, and information that will be shared
  • On the day of the on-camera interview my production team, which includes (1 interviewer, 1 camera person, 1 photographer, 1 make-up artist if requested) will arrive and conduct a professional video shoot at your loved ones residence 
  • We will capture the entire experience on high-definition video with crisp clear audio and beautiful lighting
  • We offer room design or staging prior to the interview in order to show personal items in the background that reflect your loved ones personality, hobbies, story pieces, and other memorabilia
  • We will shoot B-roll of exteriors and other complimentary activities showing environment and lifestyle
  • We will help bring your loved ones story to life with the use of old family photos that we will scan and digitize on site as well as include music that captures the essence of the time period
  • We will professionally edit the video into a polished and creative family legacy video with graphics, titles,  music and sound effects

Step 2:  Connect

  • Now is the time to use the power of social media on all major platforms to announce to family and friends all over the world that a family legacy video has been created in honor of your loved one
  • We will edit a (social media friendly) 2 minute version of the video that can be uploaded quickly as a promotional sneak peek

Step 3:  Preserve

  • We deliver customized DVD packaging and or custom USB flash drives for the finished videos to live on
  • We will also set-up a personal domain website for the full length video to be viewed often by family and friends at their leisure
  • We encourage all of our clients to include a tangible copy of the legacy video as a part of the family heirloom. This video will serve as a permanent record for safekeeping to be passed on from one generation to the next


Bonus Offer:

For clients who agree to a upfront payment in full, you will receive a personalized 12-month calendar highlighting pictures from (behind the scenes) of the video shoot plus snapshots of significant family photos and memorabilia


Legacy Storytellers is a location independent company happy to travel anywhere in the world to create legacy videos for our clients. Our bags are packed and our passports are ready.  Let’s go!


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