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About Me

About Me

My name is Kiip and I AM the Founder and CEO of Legacy Storytellers, a heart-centered video biography business.   As a video biographer, I am on a mission to help the children of aging parents around the world create video biographies of their loved ones so they can CAPTURE, CONNECT, and PRESERVE their legacies for generations to come.

Through this work it is my goal to explore and show the many meaningful ways to build, celebrate, and pass on a legacy.

My interest in documenting people’s lives began as a young child watching PBS and listening to my grandparents share stories about their life in West Tennessee. It was so exciting for me to turn their memories of family, farming and resilience in the early 1900’s living in the deep south into mock interviews.  Those early years gave me a strong sense of family history and the importance of documenting the stories of loved ones.

Later on in life as a student, I earned both a Bachelor of Science in television production and a Master of Fine Arts in documentary filmmaking.  As a graduate student, I shot and produced my first video biography about my mother’s family entitled Journey. In this student film, I interviewed various family members and did extensive research with local historians to help connect the dots and reveal valuable unknown family information.  Today this cherished family footage originally shot on Hi8 video is a priceless treasure that will live on forever and connects to generations long gone.

As a working professional, I have thrived in both production and post production environments at HBO and Court TV in New York City and Crawford Communications and Centric TV while in Atlanta, Georgia.  I have worked on many socially conscious independent film projects over the years that have brought attention to issues ranging from human rights to immigration.  I also enjoy supporting the inclusion of women in all types of storytelling and have proudly served on the Board of Directors of Women in Film & Television Atlanta.

In addition to my love for video biographies, I also have a deep passion and professional expertise in holistic health and wellness.  So, in between video projects you will find me reading books, offering healthy living and supplement advice, and hiking in the mountains that surround me in the beautiful Southwest.  All is well.

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